FilmTalks for Schools

Marquee FilmTalks and our FilmTalks for Schools exist because our founder, Illinois teacher Steven Frenzel, found that movies are an incredibly effective way to engage students and explore important topics in an entertaining way.

“I am a teacher and I happen to love talking about, researching and exploring films,” says Frenzel.  “I’ll never forget the “a-ha!” moment I had one day while teaching math to a classroom of sixth graders. I had the idea of using a few film clips to outline a particularly difficult math concept, and as I watched the lightbulbs go off in one kid, then another, and another, I realized that I had uncovered something valuable.”

We have a number of filmtalks for schools. We have them sorted them into four categories below the S.T.E.A.M. trailer:

  • All School Topics (grades 5 through high school),
  • History/Social Studies Topics (grades 5 through high school),
  • Art Topics (grades 7 through high school), and
  • Film Class Topics (grades 7 through high school).



To see the flyers and more details on the FilmTalks below go to our A-Z list of FilmTalks.

(Appropriate for grades 5 through high school)
A STEAM Film Program
The Bullying Shield: A Bullying Prevention Program
Earth Day on Film

(Appropriate for grades 5 through high school)
Abraham Lincoln in the Movies
The Immigrant Experience on Film

Art and Artists in the Movies

(Appropriate for grades 7 through high school)
Losing at The Oscars
Hidden Star Wars
Hidden Harry Potter
Superheroes: The History, The Thrills
The Wizard of Oz: The Story Behind The Story
The Sound of Music: The Story Behind The Story
Classic Monster Mash
Vampires: A History
Groundbreaking Musicals
Great Female Detectives in the Movies
Baseball in the Movies
Delicious Food Scenes in the Movies
Art and Artists in the Movies
Back to the 80’s!
Chicago in the Movies
Funniest Car Scenes in the Movies
Great Cons and Brilliant Heists
James Bond: The History, The Thrills
Gene Kelly: Dancing Storyteller
Elvis: The Actor and The Icon
Audrey Hepburn: Graceful Legend


Marquee FilmTalks Presenter and Founder Steven Frenzel has been giving his popular interactive film presentations at schools, libraries, senior centers, and other organizations in the Chicagoland area for over 16 years.  He is also is an Illinois certified teacher since 1988 and has taught at schools in Park Ridge, Wilmette, Schiller Park, and Winnetka.

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