Frequently Asked Questions 
steven frenzel marquee movie presentations

How do your presentations work? Do you show an entire movie?
Let’s use our Hidden Harry Potter presentation to paint a picture of how our events differ from your typical movie watching experience. Our presenter, Steven Frenzel, arrives with an encyclopedic knowledge of insider film facts and DVDs featuring carefully chosen film clips. In between showing brief clips, anywhere from one to five minutes in length, Steven shares fascinating behind-the-scenes trivia about the movie making process and the actors and filmmakers, and he engages the audience with entertaining “pop quizzes”. To help film lovers get even more out of these fantastic films, Steven points out overarching themes in Harry Potter, like kindness, and illustrates how these movies not only entertain but teach us how to be our best selves.

For each of our presentations, Steven comes equipped with relevant movie clips, an arsenal of fascinating film facts, and free DVD prizes. You provide the DVD-viewing equipment/space and the audience, and we take care of the rest!


How much do your presentations cost?
Please visit our pricing page for the most current pricing information, including discounts for multiple event bookings.


How long are your presentations?
We currently offer 60- and 90-minute presentations. There are a handful of presentations which are only available as 90-minute events due to the amount of content, and this is indicated on individual presentation pages. We also donate a portion of our proceeds to charity every time you book a 90-minute presentation!

Need more options? We would be happy to create a custom presentation tailored to your topic needs and time constraints. Please contact us for more information.


I have a specific theme or lesson plan. Can you custom create a presentation for me?
We would love to work with you on a custom presentation tailored to your specific event needs! Holiday celebrations, math lessons, men’s group meetings, and PTA sessions are just a few of the many events for which we have created fun and engaging film presentations. Please be sure to contact us sooner rather than later if you wish to develop a custom presentation so we have plenty of time to create the perfect blend of film clips and movie trivia for your audience.


Are your presentations suitable for young children? What about adults?
All of our presentations are family friendly with material that is suitable and engaging for younger viewers and also entertaining for adults. To give you an idea, think of your favorite Pixar movie (Toy Story, Monsters Inc., etc.), which has plenty of content geared toward kids without leaving the adults longing for the end credits. We also tailor our presentations to suit specific audiences; for example, a presentation hosted at a senior center will be different than the same presentation shown to a third grade class.


What equipment do you require?
  • HDTV or projector with screen and HDMI connection for a laptop
  • DVD player with remote control
  • Loudspeakers or a sound bar connected to the video system
  • Integrated microphone for use by the presenter

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